K-POP Trend in France

According to the recent survey(March 2012) on K-POP in France by Korea Tourism Organization, the most popular groups are Big Bang(49.9%) in male singers, and 2NE1(64.8%) in female singers.

The following are Super Junior(45%), Shiny(35.5%), Beast(33.8%), 2PM(24.2%) in male singers, and The Age of Girls(45.4%), MISS A(31.5%), FX(29.4%), TIARA(25.9%) in female singers.

After enjoying K-POP, all French audiences are expanding their interest to Korea Drama(91.6%), Korean Movie(69.6%) and Korean traditional culture(50.3%). Furthermore, they start to learn Korean language(41.2%) to understand the lyrics.

Source: http://www.koreandrama.org

The future purpose of visiting Korea are ‘Travelling'(96%), ‘Participation K-POP concert'(80%), ‘Visiting drama shooting site'(41.2%), studying(34.2%). 169 of 3,775 respondents were already visited Korea and the rate of satisfaction of visiting Korea is shown ‘Very Satisfied'(81.1%), ‘Satisfied'(13.6%). This rate is more higher than that of tourists from other countries.

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