Gala Dinner Venue: Fradia in Seoul

Night View@Fradia

Night View @ Fradia

Fradia where is located at Han River side in Gangnam district in Seoul is one of the most suitable venue for incentive and corporate travelers, especially for medium sized group around 100-150 people with round table settings for Gala dinner.And it is also famous for beautiful scenery not only at day time but also at night.

Round Table Setting@Fradia

Round Table Setting@Fradia

  For round table settings, the total capacity is to be 150 people with 15 tables as the picture shown above. There are audio and video facilities on the second floor as the list below.

Items Model Quantity Note
AUDIO Speaker Main MK5396 (EAW) 2 H : 200W, L : 800W
MK5394 (EAW) 2 H : 200W, L : 800W
Sub Woofer SB600 (EAW) 2 1400W
Monitor SM109z (EAW) 4 300W
(BEHRINGER) Powered Speaker
8030A(GENELEC) 2 80W (Control Room)
Powered Speaker
Ceiling CM-EZⅡ (SOUNDTUBE) 6 40W
Amplifier Low RMX4050HD (QSC) 1
Hi RMX1450 (QSC) 1
Sub Woofer RMX5050 (QSC) 1
Monitor RMX1850HD (QSC) 2
Ceiling A900 (HPA) 1
Mixing Console M7CL (YAMAHA) 1 Digital 32ch
Controller Driver Rack PA (dbx) 1 2 in 6 out
Audio Distributor MX882 (BEHRINGER) 1
VIDEO CAMERA VX-2100 (SONY) 3 Fix 2ea, Portable 1ea
Controller PT-340 1 3ch Driver
AV Mixer SE-500 (DATAVIDEO) 1
Video Distributor 104LN (KRAMER) 3
PDP PPM50HS (SAMSUNG) 2 50″ (Hall)
PPM63HS (SAMSUNG) 1 63″ (Lobby)
Projector LC-XG210PLUS (EIKI) 2 4000ANSI Lumen
Electromotion Screen 2 150″
LIGHT Moving Light Color Spot 700E AT (ROBE) 4 700W
Color Wash 575 AT (ROBE) 4 575W
Color Spot 250 AT (ROBE) 3 250W
LUMI 300(LED Moving Light) 6 300W
Console PEARL 2008 (AVOLITE) 1
Par Light Par 64 (MFL) 24
Source Four 750W (ETC) 2
Center Piece Light 250W (MR16) 26
Fog Machine 400 HAZE FT (ROBE) 1
Digital Dimmer R.G.B(12ch) 2set 24ch, ch=3KW

The stage size is 12 meter(length) by 4 meter(width) and there are two big screens of size  3 meter by 2.4 meter. You can also hang banners on the stage and there are two spot for vertical & horizontal. The size of banner for vertical is 2 meter(width) by 3.4 meter(length) and the maximum is 8 meter(length) by 3.4 meter(width). For horizontal, the size of banner is 8 meter(length) by 1.1 meter(width). Further more, outside of the building, you also can hang banner and the size of big banner is 12 meter(length) by 7.5 meter(width).



For dining, you can enjoy excellent taste with fresh ingredient and they can do service for not only for non-vegetarians, but for vegetarians for the satisfaction of the guest from all over the world. Please find the sample menu for non-vegetarians and vegetarians to the below.

Menus for Vegetarians

Soft Soybean curd and Avocado /  Sweet Pumpkin Cream Soup with Cinnamon Powder (Except milk products) /  Mixed Green Salad with Herb Dressing /  Olive Pasta (groups for less than 10 person)  / Grilled Seasonal Vegetables and Potato (Groups for more than 10 person) /  Seasonal  fresh Fruit /  Coffee or Tea

Menus for N0n-Vegetarians

Smoked Salmon and Cayenne Pepper flavored Shrimp /  Cream of sweet Pumpkin Soup with Cinnamon /  Green Salad with Pecorino /  Grilled Trout with Saffron Sauce /  Chocolate Truffle Cake with Raspberry sauce /  Coffee or Tea.

For more information or booking, please leave message below;

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