Gala Dinner Venue : AW Convention Center

Night View@AW Convention Center

Night View @ AW Convention Center

AW Convention Center is located at Buam-dong in Seoul. And the center is very large venue for incentive and corporate travelers, especially for big sized group of which maximum 1,500 people with theater style setting and 700 people with round table settings for Gala dinner and convention.

Round Table Setting @ AW Convention Center

Round Table Setting @ AW Convention Center

Seat Plan

Seat Plan

For round table settings, the total capacity is to be 700 people with 70 tables as the picture shown above. And there are also other 5 types of meeting rooms for medium sized or small sized group.

There are video & audio equipment in the Grand Ballroom and also in service other rooms.

  • Beam projector
  • 300 inch size screen, four of 200 inch size screens
  • Most up-to-date audio system
  •  Lightening system (with special LED lightening facility)
  • 3 ENG cameras.

The stage size is 16 meter(length) by 3.6 meter(width) and there are three screens. The two are 200 inches and the other one which is at center of stage is 300 inch.

In the room, there are many spots for hanging banners. The size of banner for vertical is 1.9 meter(width) by 2 meter(length) and 1.2 meter(width) by 2 meter(length) in the Grand Ballroom. For horizontal at the foyer, the size of banner is 4 meter(length) by 1 meter(width), 7 meter(length) by 1 meter(width) and 6 meter(length) by 3 meter(width). Further more, outside of the building, you can also hang banner and the size of big banner is 10 meter(length) by 2 meter(width).

For dining, you can enjoy excellent taste with fresh ingredient. Not only for non-vegetarians, but also for vegetarians satisfaction from all over the world, AW convention center has wide range of menu options such as several types of western foods, Chinese foods and buffets.

Western Food @ AW Convention Center

Western Food @ AW Convention Center

Menu: Western Food type A

Smoked Salmon with Caviar & Caper Vegetable Salad
Cream of Corn Soup with Croutons
Grilled Tenderlin of Australian Beef and Fish Seasonal Fresh Vegetable, Red Wine Sauce
Seasonal Fresh Fruit with Cake
Coffee or Tea

For more information or booking, please leave message to the below;

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