Halal Food Cafeteria in Hanyang University

Halal Food Restaurant@Yonhap News

Halal Food Cafeteria opens in Hanyang University in Seoul, Korea. The restaurant opens every Tuesday & Thursday, and students can have Halal food for lunch and dinner.

The menus are curry, nan, lamb kebab and Arabic salad. All ingredients come from Muslim restaurant in Itaewon where many Muslim restaurants are running along the street. All meats are done the same as by traditional Muslim’s way of cooking. For giving benefit for students from GCC countries, the price per meal at this cafeteria is around 4,500 KRW (USD4.00-EUR3.15)

Halal Cafeteria @ Hanyang University

There are total around 2,000 foreign students are studying at Hanyang University, and among them, 80 Muslim students are on the registration.