Travel Train starts runs in the mid-Inland, Korea

Travel Train @Yonhapnews

Travel Train @Yonhapnews

Korail (Korea Railroad)  is now preparing travel train for the Mid-Inland of Korea peninsula. This is first train of which specialized with ties up Central Province of Korea- Tabaek Province and Yongdong Province. Thees old cities lost competitiveness because of rapid development of modern industry from 1980’s. Originally, these province was famous for coal mine and agricultural products. But thanks to this travel train, those cities are now getting popular and draw attention again from tourists.

Travel Train's peculiar seats @yonhapnews
Inside of Travel Train @ Yonhap News Photo

There are various types of rooms, such as couple room, family room, kids room and cafeteria in the train. Even HD (High Definition) TV monitors were set at the seats so travelers can see front & back side of the train. For the travelers convenience, electric charging system is also now offered as free of charge in the train, so travelers can re-charge all electronic devices such as smart phone, table PC or laptop on the seats.

slow healthy food restaurant in Danyang, Choongchungbuk-do, Korea@yonhapnews

Healthy Food in Danyang, Choongchungbuk-do, Korea @ Yonhap News Photo