Destinations in PSY’s “GENTLE MAN” MV – Mapo & Dongjak Bridge



On April 12th, PSY released his 2nd song titled, ‘GENTLE  MAN’. And one day later,  he also unveil new music video. The MV is spread now through You Tube and set a new record more than 100 million views in shortest time since You Tube offered the service. Thanks to MV’s popularity, the destinations in the film are also gain popularity all over the world now. For meet the users interest, Jane Tour DMC would like to collect destinations in his music video from today as a serial contents the same as following;

Mapo Bridge in Seoul

Screen Capture @ You Tube

Under the Mapo Bridge, Seoul – Screen Capture @ You Tube

Mapo Bridge connects Yonggang-dong, Mapo-gu and Yeouido-dong (Yeongdeungpo-gu) and is 1,400m long and 25m wide (6-lane road). The construction of the bridge first started in February of 1968 and was completed in May of 1970. At the time of its completion the bridge was named “Seoul Bridge,” which was later changed to “Mapo Bridge” in 1984. The bridge was the fourth bridge to be built over the Hangang River following the construction of Hannam Bridge.

Night View from Mapo Bridge @ Korea Tourism Organization

Dongjak Bridge in Seoul

Screen Capture @ You Tube

Dongjank Bridge, Seoul – Screen Capture @ You Tube

Dongjak Bridge connects to Ichon-dong, Yongsan-gu and Dongjak-dong, Dongjak-gu in Seoul. It is 1,330 meter long and Seoul Metro Line No. 4 is also passing through this bridge. Dongjak brige is 11th one out of total 25 bridges across Han River.

Dongjak Bridge

Cafe on the Dongjak Bridge, Picture @ Seoul Tourism Organization

On the bridge, outlook café Gureum (meaning: cloud) and Noeul (meaning; red colour cloud in sunset time) are definitely the place to be if you wish to enjoy a fantastic night view of Seoul. The cafés, located on Dongjak Bridge, are placed highest among the nine cafés on Hangang River. On the fifth floor is an outdoor terrace where you can take in the breathtaking night views of Dongjak Bridge.

Cafe on the Dongjak Bridge, Picture@Korea Tourism Organization

Meanwhile from the Noeul Café, you can enjoy the sparkling lights of N Seoul Tower in the deepening twilight. The oval-shaped café guarantees a wide-open view from anywhere in the café. Noeul and Gureum Cafés have not only a similar interior but menu. Both cafés offer coffee, tea, liquor and meals. After 7, it is always crowded in both of the cafés, so better to hurry. Noeul Café is known for its excellent coffee, while Gureum provides a soothing experience with its glowing asterism lights and aroma flavor.

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