Hotel Prima Gangnam, Seoul

Prima Hotel

Prima Hotel

Hotel Prima, located in Cheongdam-Dong, breaks the fixed commercial idea of ‘hotels – business area,’ and creates the new culture of hotels as a space for art. In the lobby, Buncheong porcelains and Korean folk paintings are decorated to give the guests a sense of traditional Oriental style. The buffet restaurant boasts Meissen Museum, providing the gentle ambience of European Royalty.

The Bluessay Membership Club Bar of the Sky Lounge is a top-class social club, serving for its prestigious members only. Specifically, Sauna Poseidon provides comfortable rest to the exhausted city population, and banquets/weddings, with its high reputation in Gangnam and proceeded with various themes ensure touching events to the customers.

The Doubles, Deluxe Rooms, Ondols, Junior Suites, and Royal Suites, renovated with new style and sensibility, will provide you the greatest convenience with the finest facility. The Poongryugwan, located at the annex with traditional Korean decorations, will let you experience a new level of service with traditional taste and refinement. (more info here)


#52-3, Cheongdam-dong, Gangnam-gu, Seoul


Junior Suite

Junior Suite

  • Deluxe Standard : 63 Rooms
  • Deluxe Double : 11 Rooms
  • Deluxe Twin : 34 Rooms
  • Deluxe Suite : 3 Rooms
  • Deluxe Ondol(hot stone floor)  Suite : 1 Room
  • Junior Suite : 5 Rooms
  • Junior Ondol Suite : 2 Rooms
  • Royal Suite : 1 Room


6 types of banquets are in the hotel for gala dinner, conference and team-building.

Grandball Room

Grand Ballroom

  • Grand Ballroom

The hall of the Grand Ballroom is decorated in gold color, the color symbolizing royalty-for higher quality weddings, fashion shows,promotions, family banquets and all other events. (Sitting Down : 600   Standing : 700)

  • Diamond Hall

Adequate seats, the beautiful Chandelier-not too sumptuous and therefore more elegant, the vast, comfortable hall will upgrade your event with refinement. (Sitting Down : 300   Stnading : 400)

  • Emerald Hall

The Emerald Hall, equipped with your dignity and guests’ convenience, presents the relaxing and sung ambience of your home. (Sitting Down : 200   Standing : 300)

  • Noblesse Hall

Consists of a hall-the noble sensation, and B hall-where outdoor garden is viewed. The optimum location for seminar, engagement, first birthdays-the memory will last forever. (Sitting Down : 200   Standing : 300)

  • Noblesse Garden

The exotic and romantic outdoor garden, the Noblesse Garden will be the only choice in downtown Seoul for outdoor widding, garden party and family renuion. (Sitting Down : 150   Standing : 200)

  • Omnibus Hall

Omnibus A, B Hall on the 9th floor is the best location for family parties, showcase and other important events. (Sitting Down : 300   Standing : 400)

  • Sky Hall

The Sky hall, resembling the Imperial Castle of Great Britain, looks down on the city through open window, while proceeding with the classic, noble wedding ceremony-truly a unique high-rise wedding hall. (Sitting Down : 200   Standing : 300)


Meissen Buffet

Meissen Buffet

  • Rendezvous

The color and scent of Rendezvous changes. The space where lovers and families can spend their leisure time with romance, with fresh baked breads and coffee

  • Meissen Buffet

The finest collection Meissen pottery, one of the top-5 position of the world, is exhibited here, and Rendezvous may otherwise be addressed as a Meissen Museum.

  • Korean Restaurant

Top class Korean restaurant satisfying various taste with traditional Korean cuisine. The Poongrugwan of Hotel Prima is located in the annex. The roomy interior, modern decorations and refined taste allow a higher level of service.


Sauna Poseidon, bakery, tailor shop, flower shop and beauty shop are also in the hotel.

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