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AM: Dongbakseom (APEC House): Dongbaek Island is assigned as No. 46 Busan Monument locating at the west side of Haeundae Beach, The name “Nurimaru APEC House” is the combination of purely Korean words “Nuri” which means “the world” and “maru” meaning “summit” and “APEC House” means the conference hall for the APEC.

Busan Aquarium

Busan Aquarium

Aquarium : The Busan Aquarium contains over 35,000 species of fish, algae, reptiles, and amphibians. This state-of-the-art facility is one of Korea’s top aquariums.

 Haeundae Beach 해운대3

Haeundae Beach: Facing a crystal clear & beautiful green ocean, a special tourist zone with special convention, video and marine leisure zones.

PM: Visit the one of the most beautiful bridge and traditional market to enjoy the real life of Busan people


Gwangan Bridge: It is the first bridge over the sea in Korea with 7.4km length and also has a great reputation for night scenery.  


Yongdusan Park: Yongdusan Park which can be easily reached from Gwangbokro Fasshion Street by escalator provides a space for relaxation in the downtown.

국제시장, 부산의 사진
국제시장 사진의 출처는 트립어드바이저입니다.

Gukje Market : As the largest traditional market in Busan, Gukje Market may look rather like Namdaemun Market in Seoul but, unlike other traditional markets, it offers a wide variety of items ranging from food to industrial goods.

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