MICE Venue: Cheong Shim Peace World (Convention) Center, Korea

Cheong Shim Peace World Center (Gapyeong County, Korea)

Cheong Shim Peace World Center (Gapyeong County, Korea)

Event and convention organizer always try to find out the most unique venue for meeting, incentive travel, convention and exhibitions. And if you expect that the total number of participants exceed to 20,000 or more to organize a mega event or convention, here is the ‘ONE’ solution that you really want.

With the slogan ‘Creating Venue for Culture and Arts’, the ‘Cheong Shim Peace World Center’ where is located on the top of a hill near by Cheongpyong Lake at Gapyong County in Korea is ready to meet your expectation! Built in 22nd March 2012, Cheong Shim Peace World Center always pursues ‘The Window of World Contents’ through the communication between HUMAN and NATURE. From the beginning of design, it is focused on all cultural and artistic works with peaceful scenery.

Over view @ Cheong Shim Peace World Center

You can use this wonderful facilities for multifunctional venue for performance, musical, special exhibition, mega concert, festival, convention, incentive, event promotion, indoor sports, education for big audience, drama or film shooting location venue follow by specific theme.

Recently, world famous singer Mr. “PSY’ who is famous for ‘Gang-nam Style’ and ‘Gentleman’ had a talk show with SBS (one of big 3 TV in Korea) at the center of arena in this center. Please have a look what other organizers and producers did in this facilities since the center has been opened are shown below;

Talk Show ‘Healing Camp’ with PSY by SBS TV @ Cheong Shim Peace World Center

Making a music video film @ Cheong Shim Peace World Center

Korea’s Got Talent Competition @ Cheong Shim Peace World Center

M.Net Super Tour @ Cheong Shim Peace World Center

Music Festival with K-POT Idols @ Cheong Shim Peace World Center


  • Capacity of Seats: Total 16,979 (Ground Floor 1,180 seats / First Floor 4,987 / Second Floor 10,182 seats)
  • Floors: B3 to 4th Floor (Total 7 story building)
  • Square: 20,380.55 square meters
  • Height: 45 meters

Facilities for convenient: ‘Bami Rooms’ for Children, ‘Snack Bar’ for take a break, ‘Coffee & Tea’ for refreshment, ‘Gift Shop’ for visitors, ‘Lounge’ for receptions.

Floor Information: Please see the map of floors as shown below;

1st Floor Information

1st Floor Information

2nd Floor Information

2nd Floor Information

View from Outside

View from Outside @ Cheong Shim Peace World Center

View from Inside

Arena @ Cheong Shim Peace World Cetner

Cheong Shim Peace World Center also won the ‘Good Design Award 2012 by Korean Government

For the organizers satisfaction, this facility provide perfect surrounding sound system, moving stage with rail system (forward and backward), turn table stage system, maximum capacity of 25,000 participants along with 127 meters iron construction with amazing audio, video, lightening system including broadcasting control center on the 4th floor.

Category Equipment List of Items Numbers
 Light Console Grand MA 2 2 EA
Moving Light Splitter 10 EA
Spot 4 EA
Wash 9 EA
Convention Light Fresnel 80 EA
Source four Zoom 40 EA
Source four Standard 24 EA
Parlight 140 EA
Machine Strober 2 EA
Fog Machine 1 EA
Hazer Machine 1 EA
Fan Machine 2 EA
Audio Main Console DM2000VCM 1 EA
CDP Denon-D4500 1 EA
Boards Hard Recorder, etc 1 set
Speaker Main Speaker, etc 1 set
Audio – Extra Console PM5D 1 set
Boards CDP, etc 1 set
W/L Mic. System EM3000 Series Hand 6 EA
EM3000 Series Pin 2 EA
Speaker Front Fill – JM1P 4 EA
Sub-Woofer – 700HP 4 EA
Stage Monitor – MJF212A 4 EA
Stage Upper Stage
Set Batten System 19 EA
Bridge System(lightening) 4 EA
Suspension System(lightening) 1 EA
PLC Control Console 2 EA
Main Stage
Moving Stage 1 EA
Turn Table 1 EA
Additional Floor setting 78 EA
Portable Stage 10 EA
Security Fense JP Fence 500 EA

Accessibility: It is only 40-minute distance by bus or car from Gang-nam District (meaning ‘Southern part of Han River in Seoul) where is also famous for fashion and shopping district. The way to go: Please take 88 Olympic Intercity Highway – Gangil IC (bound for Chuncheon City) – Seoul & Chuncheon Highway – way out at Sorak IC (go straight) – Shin Cheon Intersection (turn right) – Sorak Bus Terminal (turn left) – in front of a mill (turn right) – Cheong Shim Peace World Center.

Address: 258 Misari-ro, Seorak-myeon, Gapyeong-gun, Gyeonggi-do 477-855, Korea

TEL: +82.31.589.5200 / www.cspwc.co.kr (only Korean now, English service starts from end of May 2013)

Nearby Attractions and Festival: Namiseom Island, Petite France, Cheongpyeonghoban Lake, The Garden of Morning Calm, Jarasum International Jazz Festival

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