Haeundae Beach-Enjoy the beauty of nature, the fun of the city and a relaxing spa bath

With its broad beach and breathtaking high-rise skyline, Haeundae Beach is an ultra-modern resort located right in the heart of the city. It still possesses the charm of the countryside, however, wit five star hotels at one end linked to its endearing little fishing port at the other end by a beautiful esplanade overlooking the beach

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Image by Joan M Gregerson on Flickr

Haeundae Beach

Image by Josh Jensen on Flickr

Spa bathing, leisure activities, the beauty of the sea, you’ll find it all in Haeundae! You can enjoy panoramic view of the sandy beach, and the rhythmic breaking of the waves in time with the beating wings of the seagulls flying above. Haeundae Beach is equipped with all the latest convenience facilities, harmonizing with the beauty of their natural surroundings. The summer swimming season runs from end of June to end of August every year.

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