Geumsan Jinseng Festival – Is open during the festival, displaying virtually every ginseng item

Geumsan Jinseng Festival

Geumsan Jinseng Festival

Geumsan Insam Festival is held every fall in Geumsan County (Chungcheongnam-do), the largest producer of ginseng in Korea. The are is surrounded by numerous ginseng and medicinal herb markets, making it a great venue for a festival where visitors can experience the marvelous effects of ginseng.

Geumsan Insam Gallery is open during the festival, displaying virtually every ginseng item. The festival also conducts a special exhibitions such as the International Insam Exchange Exhibition and sets up booths where people can try some of the various health therapies.

Aside from the exhibitions, exciting events, performances, and delicious food are sure to please visitors. These include Geumsan folk performances, ginseng-related performances, songs and dance, and a tteokme performance.

Hands-on programs let visitors dig ginseng and make rice cakes themselves. Other exciting events include a ginseng cooking contest, a marathon, a singing contest, a ginseng & medicinal herbs quiz, ginseng tea painting, and herb-slicing.