Uiseong Apple Farming – Will give you beautiful memories with nature

Uiseong Apple Farming

Uiseong Apple Farming

Apple orchard experience tours are easily offered thanks to the impressive cluster of orchards in the Danchon-myeon and Jeomgok-myeon areas, where best quality apples that compare more than favorably with apples from any other parts of the country are produced.

Tourists can taste the apples they pick after listening to an explanation about apple ecology as it is practiced at the orchards. Orchards brimming with beautifully ripe red apples offer peerless scenery,making for a marvelous photo opportunity. Visitors can also buy apples at the orchards.

Visitors are taken from the apple orchard to the Korea Applease brewery to witness  the apple wine brewing process. The brewery tour also offers a range of attractive experience programs.

You can enjoy apple pies you brake yourself, together with apple and pomegranate wine. You can also taste apple juice you prepare by yourself. You can enjoy a program called ‘Making My Own Apple Wine’, where visitors attach a photo taken at the apple orchard to apple wine bottles. The tour takes between one and a half and two hours.